Client Revolving Frequently Asked Questions

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General Information

Who is GreenSky?

GreenSky is a service provider and program administrator for banks providing consumer loans. In other words, think of GreenSky as a link between healthcare providers, their patients, and banks. We make it easy for healthcare providers to offer affordable financing to patients like you by bringing all parties together, while simplifying the loan process, from application, to decision/approval, to payments.

Is GreenSky a bank? How do you lend money?

GreenSky is not a bank or lender. GreenSky is the servicer for one of the nation’s largest bank lending programs. We service loans on behalf of leading banks across the nation.

As a borrower, you received a Cardholder Agreement that identifies the bank that is funding your account. This Cardholder Agreement is between you and the funding bank directly. However, GreenSky services your account at the direction and control of your lender, so any questions you have should be directed to us.

Why should I consider financing my healthcare services?

Financing your out-of-pocket medical expenses gives you more options to pay for the healthcare services you want or need without delay. Plus, you have the opportunity to pay over time. This allows you to keep existing savings, credit card, or emergency funds for unexpected expenses or other day-to-day needs.

How do I apply?

We have several ways to apply for a GreenSky® Program revolving account. You can apply:

  • In person at your Provider’s office
  • Online using your Provider’s dedicated GreenSky website
  • By phone (844) 810-7713
Will I receive a plastic credit card from the GreenSky® Program in the mail?

No, you already have enough plastic in your wallet, so all you need to transact with your Provider is your Account Number. Once you activate your loan with GreenSky, you will receive a Welcome Package containing your Account Number, which can be used to register for online account access through our Customer Portal. Your Welcome Package will also include your Cardholder Agreement and the Special Promotional Financing Offers with the terms and conditions for your account.

What can I use my GreenSky® Program revolving account for?

Your GreenSky® Program revolving account can be used for a variety of healthcare services including dentistry and non-invasive cosmetic procedures. You can use it over and over (subject to credit approval) with your participating healthcare provider without reapplying, as long as you have available credit.

What happens if I apply with a co-applicant?

Your co-applicant is applying jointly with you for credit. If approved, the joint-applicant will be jointly responsible for the account including the charges of any authorized user.

My provider said I can avoid paying interest, so why is there an interest rate listed on the application?

For Deferred Interest/No Interest if Paid in Full promotional financing options, no interest will be charged if you pay your balance in full by the promotional due date. If your balance is not paid in full by the end of the promotional period, interest will be charged to your account dating back to the purchase date.

For complete details on your GreenSky® Program revolving account, consult your Cardholder Agreement and Special Promotional Financing Offers found within the application.

How can I find out what promotional financing options my provider offers?

Not all providers offer all promotional financing options, so please check with your Healthcare Provider to see which financing options they offer.

Can I pay a portion of the treatment cost myself and use GreenSky® for the remainder?

Yes, you can use the GreenSky® Program revolving account for treatment balances from $1 up to your available credit line.

Does my GreenSky® Program revolving account expire?

No, like any other credit card, as long as you are in good standing and have available credit you can use your GreenSky® Program revolving account for as long as you want. It is important to use your account at least once a year, however, in order to keep your account active.

I would like a higher credit limit. What should I do?

Contact our team of credit specialists at (844) 810-7713 to review your needs and assist you with a credit limit increase on your GreenSky® Program Account.

What do I do if I have a problem making a purchase?

Please call us at (844) 810-7713 immediately so we can resolve the issue for you.

What do I do if I suspect I have become a victim of fraud or identity theft?

Take action as soon as you suspect an issue. Please contact GreenSky customer support immediately at (844) 810-7713 to alert us of your concern.