Patient Frequently Asked Questions

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Who is GreenSky®?

GreenSky, LLC (“GreenSky®”) is a third party service provider and program administrator to federally insured, federal and state chartered banks that provide consumer (patient) loans under the GreenSky® programs. GreenSky® has been working with banking partners since 2006 to provide consumer lending.

Is GreenSky® a bank? How do you lend money?

GreenSky® is not a bank, we are a credit technology platform provider supporting federally insured, federal and state chartered financial institutions.

What types of programs do you provide?

We offer several different repayment options to choose from, allowing you to select the best plan to meet your needs. Contact your provider to find out which plans they are participating in.

Why should I consider financing my healthcare services?

Financing your out of pocket medical expenses gives you more options to pay for the healthcare services you want or need without delay. Plus, you have the opportunity to pay over time. This allows you to keep existing savings, credit card, or emergency funds for unexpected expenses or other day-to-day needs.

How do I apply?

We have several ways to apply for your GreenSky® loan. You can apply:

  • In your Provider’s office using our proprietary mobile app on an Apple or Android device (ask your provider)
  • Over the Internet using your Provider’s GreenSky® link
  • By telephone (844) 810-7713
How does my provider get paid?

Once approved for your loan, you are given a Shopping Pass number as part of the loan agreement package. Once you have received and reviewed your loan agreement the GreenSky® Shopping Pass can be given to your provider to be processed like a standard credit card.

What do I need to provide when applying for a loan?

When applying, you need to provide us with some basic personal information such as name, address, social security number, and income. Your provider will also verify your identity using your government issued photo ID.

What if my healthcare provider isn't enrolled in the GreenSky® program?

If your provider is not a GreenSky® Patient Solutions provider, please have them contact us. We would love to discuss the benefits of accepting GreenSky® Patient Solutions financing for their patients.

Is there an account opening or activation fee?

No, there is no account opening or activation fee with the GreenSky® financing program.

How do I submit an application for a loan?

You can work with a GreenSky® Program provider to submit an application electronically. Paper applications (including fax and email submissions) are not accepted. Applications are accepted through our online application, mobile application, or with the help of a GreenSky® Program Customer Services Representative over the phone.