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GreenSky® helps you grow your business from day one with the most powerful sales tool you can possess: The ability to increase your customers’ buying power so they can live the lives they dream of.

Customers can get a credit decision instantly and use their credit at your ecommerce site, store, or at a show.

Start providing your customers the ability to get the things they want and need within any budget.

Here’s what sets us apart:

Want to go fast? Go alone. Want to go far? Go with GreenSky®: From initial training and sharing best practices, to on-site support and a dedicated team, GreenSky believes your business is our business.

The best partner to get results: The GreenSky retail program offers the most flexible installment loans, with limited purchase windows, empowering your customers to come back after their initial experience, thereby creating loyalty.

GreenSky supports every channel your business operates in: Whether it’s online, at a show, or in-store, the GreenSky program empowers your business to engage and be ready with affordable financing solutions.

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The Right Partnership

In business, it is often the right partnerships that significantly accelerate growth. At GreenSky®, our mission is to help businesses thrive, so whether you are helping someone find fitness in a treadmill purchase or making a dream wedding become reality, we are here to support you.

Training: Venturing into the unknown can be challenging, which is why we hold your hand throughout the process of onboarding your team. Our personalized training sessions help ensure your business is well-versed in offering financing from day one.

Onsite Support: Having a special event or attending a large show? We are ready and able to help support your program with signage, training and messaging.

Actionable Insights: In a sea of information, the right insights can help you refine your business tactics. GreenSky’s Merchant portal provides the data you need to make informed decisions.

A Dedicated Team: You are supported by a team of experts including specialists in consumer financing, implementation, and customer support so you can be sure we have your back every step of the way.

The Best Results

The GreenSky® Retail Program not only increases the buying power of every customer, but also increases customer loyalty and satisfaction. Our frictionless solution is tailor-made to help customers live the lives they dream of by offering:

Affordability for All: With dynamic terms, ranging from six months to more than seven years, and plan structures, like No-Interest, No-Payment (if paid within the promo period)1, and Low Interest Rates, you can make affordable payment options available across your entire catalog of products and services.

More Customer Dreams Realized: With credit limits as high as $55,0002, the GreenSky solution enables customers to afford the products they’ve dreamed of.

A Loyal Customer: Providing a solution that is “not another credit card,” but still enables the customer to add to their original purchase, has yielded amazing customer reviews and add-on sales.


In today’s retail environment, the timing and placement of your financing offer has never been more vital. That’s why the GreenSky® program is designed to meet your needs, whether you’re selling online, in-store, or at a show.

Ecommerce: We have streamlined the online shopping cart experience. By enabling “Check out with GreenSky” functionality, your customers can qualify, choose from a dynamic set of financing options, and check out with a branded experience in seconds.

The GreenSky® Retail Program provides:

  • A Branded Solution in which customers never leave your page
  • A Seamless Experience designed to maximize conversions and average order value
  • Secure and Lite-Touch Integration so it’s easy to deploy on your page and meet your customers where they engage

In-Store: “Brick and Mortar” continues to be the majority of sales and ensuring your business is providing a cutting edge in-store experience is vital. The GreenSky experience offers a paperless3 process in which any associate can be empowered to provide financing options for any sale.

Mobile App: Bringing the right tool to the job is imperative and the GreenSky Mobile App is the show attendant’s attendee’s best tool. It enables gives any associate on the road the ability to help a customer apply and instantly access funds to facilitate sales in real-time.

Markets We Serve:

The GreenSky® Retail program serves to empower your customers to live the lives they desire. That mission has led over 1,000 businesses in various industries across various channels to partner with the GreenSky program.

Industries served include:

  • Billiards and Gameroom
  • Home Furnishing
  • Premium Furniture and Mattresses
  • Theater
  • Events/Travel
  • Spas and Saunas
  • Outdoor Furniture
  • Fitness/Cycling/Sporting Equipment
  • Music Instruments
  • Sewing/Quilting
Joining GreenSky is as easy as using it, and it doesn’t take long. So, kick your sales into high gear and keep them there. Use the button above to enroll now.

Merchant Resources

Your responsibilities are detailed in the Program Agreement and the Operating Instructions for the GreenSky Retail Programs. This page contains links to the Program Agreement and Operating Instructions (including the Training for your Program, Guidelines, and Important Documentation). You are responsible for knowing and complying with the requirements outlined in these documents.

GreenSky® Retail Merchant Program Agreement

Operating Instructions

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“I want to express my profound gratitude for the work GreenSky has put into launching a consumer financing program for Precor. If this is how you treat all of your clients, GreenSky will soon be known as the Nordstrom of consumer finance.”

Mike Grant
National Sales Manager, Precor
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Learn How GreenSky® Can Grow Your Retail Business

Call 855-707-4925 to contact a Sales Rep or complete the form below:

We are authorized to contact you about our products and services if you provide your contact information.